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I also have a closet full of nothing to wear

Every day, every woman opens their closet and stares blankly at it in confusion. So many things, but nothing to wear. We have all been there. The issue lies in that probably we get tired of clothes or our imagination only goes so far in the amount of different combinations we can come up with using the same items in our closet. We at Outletoyou have found the perfect solution to this problem: having a couple of staple pieces, basic items in our closet that can go with everything. And when we say everything, we mean EVERYTHING. So that never again are we wondering HOW could I ever wear these old sneakers in a new way? This skirt I bought a decade ago, I want to throw it out but I don’t but I don’t know what to wear it with anymore! Here, our solutions to revitalize your closet!


These jeans should undoubtedly be in every woman’s closet. With a white tank, it’s a classic. With a leather jacket, you’re a rockstar. Under a bright red wool coat, you’re a statement in the winter months. With sneakers, you can be comfortable walking around the mall. With pointed toe nude heels, you’re elegantly chic. You get the idea, this is a must have.




This pleated skirt can be used year round, during every season. For the summer months you can pair it with a simple tank top like our model. For spring you can wear a long sleeve shirt with a scarf so you can easily adapt to whatever the changing weather throws your way. For the progressively cooler months of fall, black or nude tights underneath will do the trick. When the freezing winter months come along, slip a black, grey or beige long wool coat on top for the chicest cold weather outfit. No matter the temperatures you’re enduring, you can wear this with stylish sneakers for a casual and fashionable look or with heels and booties to add height and elegance.


This denim jacket is one of the most versatile items any woman can have. Our model wears it in a casual combination with a mini skirt and sneakers. You could wear the same outfit but with heels for a more stylish outfit. It also looks beautiful over a flowing floral print mini or maxi dress if you want to make a daytime statement. Pairing it with skinny jeans or with a button down denim shirt will scream CHIC for you will be following the current denim on denim trend. For after dark, wearing it over leather leggings, sky high heels and a statement choker will give you a femme fatale feel. For a softer look, keep the choker and the heels but wear a form fitting dress in a solid color instead. Infinite looks with just one piece.