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Life is too short for boring clothes

Feeling comfortable with what we’re wearing is what we look for in the clothes we buy, the shoes we choose and the jeans we ultimately use time and time again until we wear them out. A lot of women (all of us at Outletoyou included) look at models and actresses on red carpets, we see their beautiful, intricate gowns, their sky high heels, their impeccable makeup and we think “Oh well, how could I ever look like THAT?” Well, here is a little fun fact, I assure you those women in extravagant, unique and eye catching gowns are NOT comfortable. They are wearing Spanx to shape their bodies, duct tape to prevent any unwanted showing of skin, are sweating under the unstoppable flashes capturing their every move all while balancing the weight of their dresses on 4 inch heels that are killing their feet. It is not as glamorous and effortless as it looks, those leggings and sneakers look way more appealing now!

We as women may collectively ask, HOW can we look like that and feel comfortable at the same time? Is it possible? The answer is YES! It is just a matter of finding an item that is flexible or easily adapts to our bodyshape in a light, breathable fabric. Here, some examples.

This one will always be a winner. The lace allows for space to breathe, so you won’t sweat or feel you’re carrying a heavy piece of clothing. It also allows for you to comfortably and subtly show some skin while remaining oh so elegant. You will stun everyone you cross paths with!



A classic cut in an eye catching teal fabric will flatter every skin tone. The flowy silk is fresh but feels luxurious. You will dance the night away feeling so comfortable but looking like a million bucks!


This is one of our favorite pieces! The fact that ultimately you’d be wearing pants screams comfort. The fabric is soft and its color will make you unmistakeable. The moment you slip into this jumpsuit, you’ll be wondering why the flashes aren’t chasing you!