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The Little Black Dress

chiquinquira delgado littke black dress

Over the years the little black dress, also known as the LBD, has become a staple piece for every woman’s wardrobe. Its beauty and elegance is found in the piece’s ethereal simplicity. Few clothing items possess the versatility of the LBD, it is your perfect match if you’re looking for a piece to get you through back to back meetings on a Friday that can still have you looking like a polished diva at happy hour.

original little black dress


The Original

Looking for a dress that allows for a seamless day to night transformation? Introducing the original LBD. Not sure what to wear to that amazing interview you landed for your dream job? The original little black dress is your answer. 

The short sleeves on this particular dress make for a more casual look. To add a dash of character we recommend pairing the dress with bold accessories like metal cuffs and a choker necklace.

cocktail little black dress

The Cocktail Little Black Dress

You’re a busy gal that gets invited to enough social events to be considered a socialite! Herein lies a slue of problems, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO WEAR? When in doubt, reach into your closet and take out the coveted cocktail LBD. Add high stilettos or pumps and chandelier earrings to take the look to the next level.

This sleeveless black cocktail dress features different textures, making for a complex and graceful look.

preppy dress

LBD a la Preppy

Proving that it can stand the test of time, the little black dress has been adopted across decades. This little black dress is reminiscent of tennis culture and features a white ribbon for the quintessential preppy look.

Looking to make a statement? Create contrast by pairing this LBD with your favorite sneakers, you’ll achieve an unforgettable urban look that still has formality and grace.